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  • Nina, Ananda, I received a package from you guys today and was completely blown away. I have no words for your kindness other than thank you so very much for the incredible gift of this medicine! I am truly and deeply touched; you are a both such a source of love and light. I am so very sorry for the challenges you have faced with the various financial service companies who, out of ignorance and/or legal compliance have made it difficult for you to provide this sacred medicine. I guess we can't expect a change in mass consciousness without a few hurdles, right? :-) I'll continue to explore Bitcoin and any other options for which we can mutually exchange currencies and greatly look forward to ordering from you again soon. I wish you and your staff all the best. -Noel

  • Hi Nina! I thank you I received the order today - I send you full of love and gratitude for this magnificent gift. Love and blessings -Amber P, France

    Amber P
  • "I find that everything from Shamanic Snuff is extremely high quality...and their Kambo is wonderful. I highly recommend purchasing from them. They are a trustworthy source!" Donald C, Canada

    Donald C
  • I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your beautiful work and the passion running within your medicine. Your rapé has carried and lifted me in my life's journey. A true key for any seeker or healer! Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!!! -Michael M, USA

    Michael M
  • "I want to share something very special with you - a website and source for wonderful plant medicine. I was truly blessed to find this a couple of months ago, and I have become a huge fan of the product, and the ethos of the owners, Nina & Ananda. They have a deep understanding and love for the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, and they are committed to offering a wide range of products, focusing on sacred snuff of many varieties. I have had the chance to use several kinds, and each has unique personality and power. Their website describes each type accurately, and the information about the tribes that create these medicines is fascinating.The site is and you will be totally blown away by how transformative this medicine can be. I am sending this because I really believe in the medicine and the mission. Shamanic Snuff rocks my world! " -Scott W, USA​

    Scott W
  • "I have been meaning to write you and thank you for the extras little gifts that you sent. The medicine is so beautiful in its quality and we can feel the love and intention put into it". -Cvita M, Italy & Iquitos, Peru.

    Cvita M
  • Hi Nina! Thank you so much for everything and the gifts inside. I really appreciate it and thanks for keeping me updated as well. Your products speak for your business.... Just awesome! Love & Light -Celine, NY, USA

  • Thank you for fulfilling my recent order. It was well packaged, delivered within timescales and, to top it off, 3 free samples!!The rapé itself was top quality and I am genuinely pleased and impressed with your service.Thanks again -Andy H, Leeds, United Kingdom​

    Andy H