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KT = KATUKINA Rapé – made by the Katukina tribe from Brazil. A truly beautiful, deep and balanced rapé with well-rounded notes, very smooth, and clear. Wonderful for cleansing, deep re-alignment, balancing energies, grounding, clarity, calmness and focus.

The Katukina or Catuquina are an indigenous group that inhabits southwestern Brazilian state of Amazonas (in the Indigenous Lands Paumari Cuniuá, Paumari Paricá lake, river and Biá Tapauá) and the boundary area between the Amazonas and Acre (indigenous Katukina/Kaxinawá). However, internally the Katukinas of Acre-Brazil are called according to their clans – kamãnaua (people of the dog), varinaua (people of the sun), satanaua (people of the otter), and neianaua (people of heaven).

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  1. parusha418

    A very gentle Rapé in my experience but very powerful. Very nice spirit it really calms me down and balance the energies. I really love this Holy medicine.

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