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K = KAXINAWA Rapé – very special rapé made by Kaxinawa, who are also known as “Huni Kuin” tribe from Brazil.

Strong, profound, and divinely masculine rapé with a deep tribal jungle energy. Great for strong cleansing, deep grounding, releasing any big entities, attachments, negative thoughts, deep sickness and heavy energies.

Best for use in the evening, after you’ve been at work, or coming from any heavy, stressful or toxic environments/situations, or after commuting on public transport.

The Kaxinawá people (Huni Kuin) are an indigenous people of Brazil and Peru. Their villages are located along the Purus and Curanja Rivers in Peru and the Tarauacá, Jordão, Breu, Muru, Envira, Humaitã, and Purus Rivers. In the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, some Kaxinawá live on the Alto Purús Indigenous Territory with the Kulina people.

The Kaxinawá are also known as the Cashinauá, Caxinauá, or Kashinawa people. This name come from kashi or “bat” and nawa meaning “outsiders” or “foreigners”. Their autonym is Huni Kuin or “real men” or “true people”, from huni, “man”, and kuin meaning “real” or “true”. Their language belongs to the Pano linguistic family, which they call hatxa-Kuin (true language).

The population is approximately 4,000 people, and they account for a percentage of 42% of the indigenous population of Acre, Brazil.

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5 reviews for Kaxinawa

  1. Mohabbat

    Absolutely love this! Invokes self-love, positive thinking, and allows me to stand in my Yang power. Complete gratitude and love for this medicine and for all things in my life when i take this medicine. Everything from the Kaxinawa tribe resonates with me on a very deep level. If you are a man i highly advise you to try this out. Also, it will show you your own confidence and allow you to step into your own power. Can’t be grateful enough for this and Shamanic Snuff. Thank you!

    Btw this was given to me as a FREE sample and it turned out to be my favourite! Thank you again!

  2. Janka (verified owner)

    Intense. Cellular. Grounding.

  3. snakesnuff (verified owner)

    Recentre, grounding, works well with the songs of the tribe, it is masculine and cleanses the stomach. Strong, masculine It must be well dosed to be activated it heals instantly.

  4. Francesco (verified owner)

    Masculine, powerful. Slaps you in the face.

  5. Issachar (verified owner)


    Never experienced a purge like it in my life

    So powerful

    Released so much and my stomach emptied.

    I felt like I’d shifted stinking sticky black vile ancestral vomit from my being.

    I feel renewed

    The pains that shown up it was something I have never experienced and Released an entity.

    Thankyou with love

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