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DU = Divine Union Rapé ~ Lovingly, powerfully, and uniquely made – by the Shamanic Snuff Team in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

One of our most favorite blends made from a special mixture of rapés, which perfectly balances out the masculine/feminine and child energies. It is also amazing for grounding, clearing the mind, and connection with Spirit.

Powerful yet gentle – Awe inspiring and an amazing medicine when nothing else will do!

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9 reviews for Divine Union

  1. Danny (verified owner)

    Nice 💚

  2. Phillip (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful blend. Powerful yet it leaves you feeling very grounded after.

  3. Deb (verified owner)

    Powerful, but very good feeling.

  4. Parker (verified owner)

    No problems whatsoever, new to hape’ so tough to rate – I must say that it is great medicine, my friends agree

  5. BILL (verified owner)

    I have many rapés and it is the one I’m working with daily now, one of my favorites

    It frequently gives me mystical experiences and Kundalini awakenings

    I don’t use it for cleaning or grounding, but for it’s “opening” spiritual effect

  6. Kevin

    Starting with a good burn in the nose ( not too harsh tho, just enough to bring me fully to the present with my body) and tingles all over the crown , followed by deep grounding and a sense of relaxation through the body .. For me , I get a tiny moment of dizzy from the grounding effect , then I can relax and enjoy a mini journey on this one 🙂 probably the most balanced Hapi I know of , gently taking me to a deep experience , missing the harshness and heavy pain , nasuea , and sweating dizy , than can happen with some , but going futher and lasting longer than some of the gentle and more feminine ones ..

  7. Rémi Remoussenard (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a dozen of rapés from this site, and they are great! I’m now involved in a twin flames relationship, which is a lot (sometimes too much!) of spiritual work, dealing with very old wounds and dark places in me. This rapé is, in my opinion, the best for this kind of tasks. It gives a good connection with the Divine, and also with spiritual guides, and helps in seeing and working with energies… As a shaman, I now use it for my patient who are in the same kind of relationship. (for those who are not, a very good and lasting cleaning can be made with Shawadawa rapé)

  8. koulenkopetr (verified owner)

    Very strong Rapé. I really liked it. I used it every day before going to bed. Especially if you come back at night after work and are very tired. I fell asleep well, in the morning I woke up vigorously and rested. This Rapé allows you to plunge into a deep trip. Deep awareness. Every day I waited impatiently for my ceremony. I’ve thought about this a lot. This Rapé is very valuable to me.
    Thank you!!!

  9. Issachar

    Since using this mix I have connected deeper with myself to break addictions and love who I trully am honouring my boundaries, feelings and flesh.

    It has also supported my work as a healer

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Divine Union
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