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N = NUKINI Rapé – made by Nukini tribe from Brazil. A very powerful masculine rapé and is akin to the ‘warrior king’. Very strong, refined, elegant, and smooth rapé. Wonderful for strong cleansing, deep grounding, releasing any big entities, attachments, negative thoughts, deep sickness and heavy energies.

Best for use in the evening, after you’ve been at work, or coming from any heavy, stressful or toxic environments/situations, or after commuting on public transport.

The Nukini are part of the set of linguistic trunk Pano peoples who inhabit the region of the valley and Juruá characterized by lifestyles and visions rather similar world as well as share a common historical experience. The Nukini indigenous land is located on the left bank of the river Môa, Mâncio city of Acre state, Brazil. The Nukini families are distributed along the river and creeks with a population of approximately 750 people, including adults and children.

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9 reviews for Nukini

  1. Rémi R.

    Wonderfull cleansing and grounding rapé! I was looking for a strong and masculine one because that’s what I’ve experienced with chamans. I use it in my morning ritual to start my day, and also before giving a shamanic healing because it enhance the trance I reach with a rattle, and help me to release my own troubles so I can keep all my attention to my patient’s troubles. Tobacco is also a very good ally to protect the healer and help the cure.

    I now first clean my sinuses with the yogi technique called jala neti, because I’ve found it makes me far more receptive to the medicine (may be the same as if I take a double dose, but I may have more mucus than other!). Then I take the Nukini rapé, which will “explode” its cleansing in my sinuses, to the top of my head, then all my head, and more and more slowly going down to fill (feel?) my entire body. The flow of energy is also freeing the mind from too much thinking, giving a lot of space to feelings and intuition.

    Note: If you’re not use with rapé, you may experience a little bleeding nose if you take it each day, as I had (with this rapé or others). Just wait a few days, and comme back to it. Don’t be too hard with your nose, but don’t give up either, and that will be fine. I believe I had very sensitive sinuses because of a small but chronic infection, and remember, rapé is a medicine!

    I just want to add that I ordered from France, and anything goes right…

    I will sure came back to this site!

  2. b.w. (verified owner)

    Potent. Powerfully masculine. Solidly grounding.

    Facilitates in me great clarity, power, and heart.

    One of my three favorite rapés.

  3. pete (verified owner)

    i love this nukini rape’, i tried just about ever rape’ these guys have and the are all great, but this one works for me the best, i work in a high stress job and nothing gets me centered and aligned like this nukini does, great stuff and shipping was fast to florida

  4. Thomas Leverington

    The best grounding rapé I have the pleasure to try! I have had many different rapés, and it is really good to find the ones that resonate with you at the time.
    I really feel the rapé enabling me to come back to “home” (my own energy) and initially the body feels heavy, after grounding, completely in touch with feelings and intuition. Thank you Nukini and shamanic snuff team!

  5. koulenkopetr (verified owner)

    This Rapé unfortunately does not suit me 🙁
    Very powerful insertion and no visual effect …

  6. Bobby

    Great rape!

  7. parusha418 (verified owner)

    Very powerful Rapé. After some minutes its digging deeper. It clears the mind purifies and grounds, one get rid of unwanted heavy energies. I really enjoy this Rapé.

  8. Kristina (verified owner)

    Very strong and masculine, spicy and full of fire. The perfect reset when you really need to clear your mind and ground yourself. I found this one makes me feel more empowered and clear-minded to make bold actions.

  9. Elijah

    This makes me feel the same way I feel after a good hour long cry….
    Seriously powerful medicine and I am very grateful to the people who made this.

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