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CV = Crystal Vision Rapé ~ Lovingly, powerfully, and uniquely made – by the Shamanic Snuff Team in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Extremely special mix of Crystal clarity and Visionary rapés, plus other special sacred ingredients. A very strong, potent and powerful rapé!

It also contains small amounts of powdered Wilka Seeds (Anadenanthera colubrina) and Charuna leaves (Psychotria viridis). Also, mixed with different sacred plants, trees, leaves and ashes.

Specifically designed to open up the third-eye chakra, for total clarity of mind, clears your focus and vision in a grounded, balanced and very uplifting way!

Helps to de-calcify the pineal gland, and boosts your visionary, creative, self-expressive, mental and psychic abilities.

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05g – Small, 10g – Medium, 20g – Large, 40g – XLarge

15 reviews for Crystal Vision

  1. Mohabbat

    Lovely Rapé! You can really feel the energy moving at the Third Eye. It definitely boosts my creativity. I feel very intimate with music when I play my guitar, something I have been striving for. I can hear notes clearer and louder than usual and almost play without thinking about what note to play next. Absolutely Beautiful 🙂

  2. Mikael Henriksson (verified owner)

    Of all the Rapé’s I’ve tried this is my favorite! Such incredible energy and focus from it and I look forward to my rituals using it.

  3. Claes (verified owner)

    Very good Rapé. Gets me where I want to go every time. The one Rapé I always go back to when I need what I can trust, like a good friend.

  4. Claes (verified owner)

    The best I´ve tried son far. It gets me where I want to go, and/or do, every time.

  5. Ananda

    Strong medicine, CV brings me front and centre.

  6. Adriana (verified owner)

    My favourite one!!! Thank you Nina and Ananda for all these beatiful medicines ! This one took me back to my past, where i can meet again diferent people at diferent places, and the energy is really very uplifting 🙂

  7. Daniel Pardo (verified owner)

    Loved this one, it is super strong and when doing it the first time, I had an intense cleanse where I had to lie down and sweat out all the bad energy. After doing it 2x a day, I feel that my inner dialogue has stopped and I am able to be very intuned and aware of what is going on. Definitly like one of the comments above its like a good friend!

  8. dpardo (verified owner)

    Very strong grounded medicine. I have no inner dialogue after doing this and I feel I became more aware. Definitly is a huge guide to my day

  9. Daniel (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Every since I been using it 2x a day i feel the inner dialogue has reduced and I have direction in where I want to go in life.

  10. BILL

    This was my 1st rapé and I’ve used it for about a year before deciding to order a variety to explore everything they have to offer

    I consider it one of the most powerful and useful in the 10 I tried, always cleaning and opening deeper and deeper in every session. It has been a positive force in my lfe

  11. Jimmy Free (verified owner)

    I’m giving this 5 stars because I know that it must be amazing from the other reviews. It’s actually doing very little for me. Here’s what I’m learning. Each plant medicine will be appropriate for you at different points in your progression. Right now Divine Union is the one that’s working so intensely for me. It comes on slowly and chases away everything that is not what my heart really wants. I think of it like a faithful dog that is very gruff to all that is hindering me; leaving me alone and quiet for a moment to connect with my guides.
    Here’s what I would suggest to someone wanting to find their rapé. Order a small quantity of each of the rapés offered and try them all. See which one is working for you at this time. Then order a larger quantity of the one or ones that are doing what needs to be done.
    “They” told me that right now I’m working on filling my heart with love and light and Crystal Vision may be useful to me later when it comes time to work on my third eye.

  12. parusha418 (verified owner)

    Very powerful magical Rapé. Clear the mind and grounding. I love this Rapé

  13. Kevin

    Very good, very powerful. the more I work with it the deeper I go . Might be my favorite

  14. Lovisa (verified owner)

    The name really says it self. Crystal vision. Clearity, connection. I can really feel it working my Third eye. Uplifting, bringing be forward too. Powerful and beautiful. One of my favourites. Thank you

  15. dwjcesq

    This is really beautiful rape’, definitely strong and centering. Thanks to the SS team for sharing this beautiful plant medicina…

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