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YB = Yawanawa Boa Rapé – made by Yawanawa tribe from Brazil.

~ An extremely special, rare, and very limited stock of rapé, which expresses the spirit of the Boa constrictor snake.

~ Very smooth, divine, expansive, and very powerful medicine, which provides a deep connection with the Amazon jungle, and amazing divine Boa spirit.

~ A very sweet, loving, nurturing, feminine energy, and profound awakening of all our chakras combined.
~ It activates the awakening of new consciousness, rebirth, and radical transformation.

~ It’s amazing for activating all our chakras, and opening-up, and awakening the inner powerful Kundalini energies.

~ Deep, profound, and beautiful awakening – from the base chakra up, and then spiraling all the way upwards through to the crown chakra!

*Boa Constrictor Snake = Symbolism:

  • Fertility & Sexuality = Female creative energy, procreation, abundance, and renewal
  • Transformation & Rebirth = Death/rebirth cycle, transition, wisdom, transcendence, and rebirth
  • Power & Strength = Raw muscular force, ability to capture large prey, and amazing power
  • Guardianship & Protection = Benevolent guardian spirits, deities, and protection
  • The Boa Constrictor is one of the most sacred animal spirits – for many indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungles, especially within the Pano linguistic root tribes of Brazil and Peru.
  • She represents the Divine Mother of Creation, radical transformation, rebirth, wisdom, fertility, procreation, divinity, protection, and divine strength.

According the the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa people, ‘Haux’ is a very sacred sound, and was traditionally used only by Pajés or Shamans – for prayers, invoking, and to consecrate medicines, healings, and rapé rituals.
They considered it to be sacred sound of ‘Haux’, which was the initial sound made by the Boa constrictor.
Nowadays, it is used in a more casual way generally for greetings, and salutations.

The Yawanawá (yawa = “wild boar” and nawá = “people”) or Yaminawá (also known as Iaminaua or Jaminawa) are an indigenous people who live in Acre in Brazil, Madre de Dios in Peru, and Bolivia.

Their homeland is located in the state of Acre, Brazil. Their current population is approximately 1,300 people, who are distributed amongst seven main communities along the Gregório river.

The Yawanawa Indigenous Gregório River has 187,000 ha, is located 94 km from the city of Tarauacá in Acre. It’s population is distributed in seven communities located on the river Gregório: Matrinchã, Amparo, Sete Estrela, Tibúrcio, Escondido, Mutum e Nova Esperança. The village New Hope (Nova Esperança) and Amparo are represented by COOPYAWA.

The Yaminawá translated to “people of the axe.” They are also called the Iaminaua, Jaminawa, Yaminawá (in Brazil), and Yaminahua (in Peru and Bolívia), as well as Yuminahua, Yabinahua, Yambinahua, Yamanawa, and other variants. The Yaminawá name was given to them by outsiders. They have several autonyms including Bashonawá (basho = “opossum”), Marinawá (mari = “cutia”, an agouti), Xixinawá (xixi = “white coati”, a Brazilian aardvark).

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Yawanawa Boa
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