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S = SHAWADAWA Rapé – made by the Shawadawa tribe from Brazil.

~ Very masculine & super powerful rapé with very earthy energy, plus spicy and peppery notes. It lovingly brings the beautiful and tribal spirit of the Mata (deep Brazilian Amazon jungle).
~ Exceptional rapé for when you need something very strong, deeply cleansing and purgative. Great for cleansing any heavy energies/entities, blocked emotions, intense mental activity, clears confusion, and brings clarity and light.
~ Great for men or women, who want to work deeply with a very strong masculine energy, and become more aligned with their soul’s purpose, inner alignment, direction, focus and assertiveness.
~ Also, it’s great for grounding, and used during other medicine ceremonies with masculine energies like Peyote or Huachuma-San Pedro.
~ The loving & powerful spirit of Shawadawa rapé will take you to the next level.

The Shawadawa indigenous people, which means the “People of the Macaw”.

They belong to the Pano linguistic language, who are located in the native lands of the Arara do Igarapé Humaitá within the municipality of Porto Walter, Acre state, Brazil.

After several territorial claims since 1980, lands were demarcated with 87,571 hectares with a mosaic of 23 federal lands in the upper Juruá. It makes up a broad region, which is rich in environmental diversity for the indigenous peoples who inhabit it.

The population is approx. 650 people.

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2 reviews for Shawadawa

  1. Rémi Remoussenard (verified owner)

    I’ve worked with 12 rapés from this site, and I think this one deserves two words from the description: next level! A very powerful (explosive!) cleaning, centered on yourself (no grounding or ascension effect), doing all what can be done in this place, leaving you lighter than ever… And effects last! This may not be the kind of rapé you’d like to take every day, but it may be the good one if you only take rapé once in your life! I’m in shamanic healing, I usually only use rapé to enhance my trance, but I began to propose this one to some of my patients, because it does so much in one take… Thanks to the “Shamanic Snuff Explorers” for this finding!

  2. snakesnuff (verified owner)

    Perfect rapé,
    Light to take but strong effect. Cleaning nose very well, but Dries out the nasal septum. Very spiritual rapé hightly coronal chakra spirit. Good for heart and long time effect. Thks for this medecine proposition.

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