Here are our current wholesale bulk discount rates, which are effective from 23 July 2021.


Wholesale discounts are automatically applied to your shopping cart upon Checkout.
Please ensure you are logged into your online account, then discounts will apply. 

Please note that all prices on listed on ShamanicSnuff website are in GBP £ – British Pound Sterling Currency.

Also, check on this website to convert GBP £ (British Pound Sterling) currency into your local currency. http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter

If you have a Wholesale query, then send us a Ticket through our web link below?


  • Over GBP £200 Rapés = 10% Discount (e.g. If you order £200, then you’ll pay £180)
  • Over GBP £300 Rapés = 20% Discount (e.g. If you order £300, then you’ll pay £240)
  • Over GBP £400 Rapés = 30% Discount (e.g. If you order £400, then you’ll pay £280)
  • Over GBP £600 Rapés = 40% Discount (e.g. If you order £600, then you’ll pay £360)
  • Over GBP £800 Rapés = 50% Discount (e.g. If you order £800, then you’ll pay £400)
  • Wholesale Rapés over 10kg+ = 60% Discount – contact us directly
  • Over 1/2kg – Retreat Centers, Medicine Churches, Kambo Practitioners, or Ceremony Leaders = 60% Discount – contact us directly


  • All Applicators = Kuripes & Tepis – Wholesale over £650 = 30% Discount
  • Over 10 grams Inca Gold ~ Wilka-Yopo = 10% Discount
  • Over 10 Kambos Medicine Sticks = 10% Discount
  • Over 20 Kambos Medicine Sticks = 20% Discount
  • Over 30 Kambos Medicine Sticks = 40% Discount
  • Over 10 Kambos Burning Sticks = 10% Discount
  • Over 10 Incense Sticks ~ Palo Santo or Copal = 10% Discount


  • For our VIP clients, we offer 30% Discount off all Rapés, valid for all orders below GBP £399. If your order is over GBP £400 then Wholesale Rapé discount applies.
    To be eligible for “VIP Client” status, you will have to have paid more than 3 subsequent orders that are not within the same month. If the orders are within the same month each order is over £500, before applying.
  • For our previous VIP Clients, we’ll still be offering their usual discounts, as mentioned above. It will be automatically discounted from your personal online orders.
  • When making a new order creating an account is now mandatory. Your account will be created upon checkout. Please check your email, as your password will be sent.
  • To apply for VIP Client status – please send us a Ticket, and please indicate you would like VIP Status.
    We will then reply, and apply your VIP status to your online account.

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