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V = Visionary Rapé ~ Lovingly, powerfully, and uniquely made – by the Shamanic Snuff Team in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Super special journeying rapé, which is very different from the other types. A magical and visionary blend combined with various sacred plants, leaves and ashes.

It also contains small amounts of powdered Wilka Seeds (Anadenanthera colubrina), and Charuna leaves (Psychotria viridis).

Used more for longer and profound journeying, opening-up visions and your third eye, activating the pineal gland, and connecting profoundly to Divine Spirit.

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05g – Small, 10g – Medium, 20g – Large, 40g – XLarge

5 reviews for Visionary

  1. Don

    This is an excellent rape. I find that it quickly connects me to my higher self. I get wonderful mental clarity when I use this rape. All of shamanic snuff’s rape are of very high quality and this is one of my favorites! I highly recommend this one. Start small and work your way up. This is powerful plant medicine.

  2. Phillip (verified owner)

    The name says it. I would suggest starting small as this was very powerful for myself. Visionary journey connecting you to your higher self.

  3. Kevin

    an amazing blend unlike any rape I have come across . Normally heavy tobacco ones can make me dizzy and sweaty with a high degree of nasuea … This had none of that , instead as soon as I opened it I felt energy rushing over my body , when I took it my entire head was tingling and tears were rolling .. after I cleared my nose and thrat I lay down and slept with many dreams and the entire next day I felt strongly the sprit of this medicine with me .. can truly say my favorite so far ( i have lots more to try :))

  4. Hans Coudyser (verified owner)

    The best rapé I ever had!

  5. Lovisa (verified owner)

    I had a Beautiful experiece with this One. I ordered a few different to try out and for some reason l wanted to wait with this One, but I felt drawn to it the other Night. I had had a heavy cry-all-day-Day and started to meditate and setting my intentions, for healing. As soon as i took the medicine, i felt a tingling sensation spreading through my body. It was like the energy/spirit/presence guideed menande my body in a gentle trance and told me to “relax, trust and just follow”. As i was in a deep state of meditation the spirit guided me through my body and where it holds pain. Through my stomach, solar Plexus, alot around ny heart and my troath. I felt the pain from a new perspective, gentle but abstract . It was so tender, and full of respect and love .. I felt so loved, held and taking care of. This presence felt like i was building a deep bound, i feel so greatful that even the thought of this connection brings me near tears. I needed to do the work as the spirit was kind of dancing with my ego to give space for me as parts of me holding om to pain. I was able to breathe through and let go of a some pain but even though i have a lot left to heal i feel so Humble and gretaful for the process.. and i have hade a hard time to be humble with myself.

    Thank you, for giving me and others this possability. I am beyond greatful!!

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