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IG = Inca Gold ~ Wilka – Yopo

1 gram Inca Gold = GBP £48 = approx. 2 doses

Inca Gold is very strong & sacred Visionary snuff ~ very special blend of Wilka (Anadenanthera colubrina).

~ Lovingly, uniquely & powerfully made by the Shamanic Snuff team in the Sacred Valley of Peru. It is an extremely labor intensive & time consuming process.

It is similar to an Ayahuasca ceremony in approx. 1-3 hours. So, it should be treated with extreme respect, love and extreme care.

It is also commonly known as Wilka or Vilca in Peru.

Made from toasted Peruvian Wilka seeds, which are activated with sacred Andean plant ashes.

In Quechua, Wilka means “Sacred”, and is very closely related to Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina).
Also, it’s commonly known under many other names, such as Vilca, Villca, Huilco, Cebil, Angico, Hataj, etc.

Anadenanthera colubrina is usually found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Cuba and Mauritius.

Wilka is considered to be the sacred ‘Grandmother’ spirit, who is very ancient, powerful, loving, feminine, and wise.

These seeds contain tryptamines, primarily Bufotenine, plus DMT and 5-MeO-DMT.

This is NOT a recreational party ‘drug’. It’s a very powerful & sacred medicine for healing, cleansing, teachings, profound visions, and insights.

* Warning – we do not recommend anyone using this medicine or any other medicine if you have a pre-existing history of mental illness, or are taking any strong prescription medication. Please consult your natural health care provider if you have any questions.

  • 1 normal dose is approx. 0.5 gram (1/2 gr). In rare cases some people may need 1 gram each.
  • Designed for nasal insufflation – it is commonly used for many psychoactive medicines because it causes a much faster onset than orally, and bio-availability is usually, but not always, higher than orally.
  • This bio-availability occurs due to the quick absorption of molecules into the bloodstream through the soft tissue in the mucous membrane of the sinus cavity and portal circulation bypass.

As far as we’re currently aware Wilka-Yopo is illegal in these countries:  Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Lithuania, and Switzerland.

So, if you decide to make an order and ship to the above countries, or any other countries other than Peru, and it gets confiscated by Customs, then we are NOT liable for any claims.

It’s your responsibility to be aware of current legality issues to your shipping country. These medicines are fully legal in Peru, where we ship from. If you’re unsure, then please DO NOT order.


Please note that this sacred medicine is very powerful and potentially dangerous and toxic, if not used in the correct setting and context with appropriate preparation, and guided by an experienced person applying the medicine.

NB. Any statements and website links contained therein have not been evaluated by the FDA and International Food and Drug authorities, they are in no way implying medical claims regarding the ability or efficacy of any of our products to treat, prevent or mitigate any disease or condition. The use and application of our products is solely at the customer’s responsibility.

  • This product is NOT sold for human consumption. It is only being sold for research, botanical and educational purposes only. If you purchase this item, you agree to not ingest it and accept all legal responsibility if you do.


The seeds of this variety known as cebil were being smoked in pipes over 4,500 years ago in the Puna region of northwestern Argentina. It’s use appears to have had particularly profound effect upon the culture of Tiahuanaco (literally, “dwelling of the God”). [1] It is also believed that the beans were consumed orally by the Incas.

In the Atacama Desert of northern Chile there is an oasis called San Pedro de Atacama. The art historian and archaeologist C. Manuel Torres excavated and studied six hundred pre-historic graves there. The results were astonishing. Nearly every interred person was accompanied by numerous tools dedicated to the ritual sniffing of cebil. [2]

Before the arrival of the Spanish, villca seeds must have had a great rituals and religious import in Peru, as high-ranking Andean priests and certain soothsayers (umu) were also known as villca or vilca camayo… The Shamans of Wichi (Mataco), who live in northwestern Argentina, still use a snuff they call hataj… The shaman Fortunato Ruiz described Cebil seeds as “door into the other world”. [3]

1. Christian Ratsch “The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants” p. 50
2. Richard Evan Schultes, Albert Hofmann & Christian Ratsch “Plants of the Gods – their sacred, healing and hallucinogenic powers” – Seeds of Civilization p. 120
3. Christian Ratsch “The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants” p. 51

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3 reviews for Inca Gold 1gr

  1. Rene (verified owner)

    Beautiful energy, love this.

  2. Nina Hoang

    20/5/16 – Whilst staying at lovely hotel in the beautiful high jungle paradise of Tarapoto in Peru. We had a lovely spare evening to finally try our beautiful “Inca Gold” – Wilka-Yopo snuff, which we’d been painstakingly and loving preparing for several months now.

    Now, here was the real test to see the final results…

    Also, I was feeling rather nervous pre-ceremony, as we weren’t in the comfort of our own home with everything familiar to hand, but everything was super lovely at the hotel.

    So, I passed Ananda 1/2 gram of IG with a strong Hummingbird blow using Tepi, and then he passed me back. Super crazy strong blow! Immediately, we went to lie down with a magical sacred music playlist playing in the background.

    Immediately within seconds, the usual intense burning sensations started in my nostrils, but passed after a few minutes. Then, my body felt very tingly, slightly weird, extremely heavy, and it was impossible to physically move my body.

    Very quickly after a few minutes, I was enveloped deeply into intensive visual journey with super bright geometric multi-colored patterns.

    It was a super intense psychedelic roller coaster ride!! I was holding onto the seat of my pants, wow! 😉

    So, I just continued breathing deeply, and surrendered into the geometric matrix. The super intense part lasted approx. 30-40 minutes, then I felt like vomiting, so quickly found my bucket and purged, phew! Still felt slightly nauseous for another 15 minutes afterwards, until I could ground my energy.

    Then, I was unable to physically move, so Ananda had to assist me to the bathroom. Felt very dizzy, physically uncoordinated, and still traveling in another dimension.So, I needed to rest and lie down for another 2-3 hours, as was still gentle visuals whilst sacred Grandmother was still working on me. Need to drink a herbal tea with honey and fruit, in order to ground myself slowly back into this reality.

    When I slowly started coming back to normal consciousness after about 5 hours…

    It was truly an epic journey with visual splendors into different dimensions, which was profoundly healing, very cleansing with a profound expansion of the mind, consciousness, and spirit!

    Wow – truly such amazing & powerful medicina!! 🙂

    Much love to Ananda, sacred Wilkita, Andean ashes, and ourselves for making such powerful & beautiful medicine! 😉

  3. Kevin LeRoy (verified owner)

    After reading a LOT of info about Yopo on the net, I was more than a bit nervous. before trying yopo from other sources and being disappointed because it was VERY painful, and little / no journey .. Then I read Nina’s review here of the Wilka and thought WOW, is this too intense?” But I know these guys and I know they really have the right intentions and energy, and truly the BEST medicine online SO I was strongly pulled to buy it.
    Had it here for quite a few weeks before I worked up the courage. On my chosen night, it was already bedtime by the time I started , but it felt that it was for sure the right time . I pulled out the 1GR bag of fine black powder and sniffed it. no tobacco ” rape” smell .. Also no ” peanut butter” yopo smell .. a powerful energy came to me just holding it in my hand this way. I cut half a gram and pulled out my Tepi and invited my girlfriend near. Taking Ninas Advice, e .. Invoking and thanking Grandmama Wilka, before doing three whistle blows, one over each shoulder and a third one to her heart and then delivering half the amount to her left nostril with I a STRONG, Long ” hummingbird blow” , thinking of how this hummingbird darts through the sky ” WHEW!, WHEW! WHHHHHEEEWWWW!” while holding the BEST intentions and wishing my girlfriend to get what she needs at this moment from the medicine. Repeating on the right while she held her breath like she was underwater during each blow … She had instant tears which lasted 2 minutes max . and was already on her way So I took up my kuripe , and focused on my own intentions. loaded up half of my half a gr and went with the biggest longest breath I could do up my own left nostril , repeating on the right ..
    The pain was moderate , like strong Rape but not as bad as the strongest rape types 🙂 . My eyes were both streaming with tears and I knew the energy pathways were being cleared through my third eye and down to my solar plexus. I had a few moments were the nausea was strong, but never overwhelming. I sat with my tissues and my bucket for 10 minutes, breathing through my mouth only and spat a lot of clear spit ( no phglem , and no wilka came out! ) . I was concentrating on keeping the medicine in my nose where it could do the work … my head and arms began to get exactly the same feeling as when I have Toad medicine, and I turned off the lights in my room. The noise from the dehumidifier became distracting and loud. I saw faint dark outlines of some entity, who was trying to talk to me, but I couldn’t hear him because of the noise from the dehumidifier. My whole body was heavy by now so I asked the machine to turn off and lucky i had a remote nearby 🙂 . The visions began to get “flashes” of clarity and because the room was pitch black with zero light, eyes open or closed made no difference to them. they got crystal clear, as if I was walking in the vision, rather than just watching. Some spirit guides came and had a chat, they asked that I lay flat on my back and keep my hands over my heart like I was praying. when I got into that position a BRIGHT golden aura surrounded me and deep healing happened for many hours .. It was so late at night that I was falling in and out of sleep while the visions kept coming .. quite an experince to be Asleep and aware and in a vision quest all at the same time! ZERO bad effect from doing this , and woke in the morning so rested and ready for work. no tissues were used, and there was Nothing but clear water ( spit) in the bucket the night before and I was so amazed by the amount of powder that I had put into my nose ( easily 8-9times the amount of powder that I would have used if it were Rape ) and I was very curious where had it gone ? no blowing of the nose , no spitting it out .. just absorbed somehow .. this was so interesting to me must be the very fine powder that allows it to go into the body easier . Anyway A WONDERFUL HEALING journey and I will certainly be buying more 🙂

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Inca Gold 1gr

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