Crystal Clarity

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CC = Crystal Clarity Rapé ~ Lovingly, powerfully and uniquely made by the Shamanic Snuff Team in Peru.

Super special and gentle blend of different sacred plants, trees, ashes and Muña (Andean mint).

Specifically designed to bring profoundly clear sight, crystal clarity, mental focus, profound alignment with crown chakra/Divine spirit, activates brain cells, stimulates the synapses, and increases oxygenation through out the brain and body.

It’s great if you need to work on a project for lucidity, clarity and focused action. Better suited for sensitive people.

Also, wonderful used as an ad-mixture rapé, which helps to open-up and elevate all the other types of rapés – to deepen and uplift them.

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05g – Small, 10g – Medium, 20g – Large, 40g – XLarge

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