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Personally, we’ve planned a beautiful romantic weekend getaway with glorious pampering, plus some delightful treats and nourishment. It’s amazing the importance of Self-love, and nourishing the fire of your intimate relationships with Yourself, and your Beloved.

Well, we’ve spent the past couple of months living in tropical high-jungle town of Tarapoto of San Martin region in Peru.It’s a very interesting and unique location – where the Andes mountains meet the Amazon jungle with altitude of 356m with population of approx 100,000.

We love the energy of the sacred Andean mountain spirits (Apus), as well as ancient Amazonian jungle plant & animal spirits. However, we prefer living in the happy medium between both extremes of each climate! 😉

There’s beautiful palms, exquisite nature, local waterfalls and a gorgeous nearby lagoon. It’s been Summer here in the Southern hemisphere – it’s been super sweltering heat and humidity. Almost unbearable some days, but we’ve now installed AC units, so it’s now much more manageable, phew!

I personally love it here, there’s a certain charm, sweetness, simplicity, slowness, innocence and decent infrastructure in this lovely place.

Generally, local Peruvian jungle people here are very genuine, kind, sweet, loving, simple, unsophisticated, low-tech combined with an innocence of spirit, and living in the present moment with joy.

Also, it’s one of the few places in Peru, where the locals are not terrified of Mama Aya. As it’s apart of their normal lives, they take both jungle plant medicines and modern medications. Generally, they have an appreciation of both the traditional plant medicines combined with modern medical clinics too. However, seems like the knowledge is getting lost with younger generations.

Sometimes in the modern world, people can become rather cynical, jaded, overly analytical, constantly caught in thoughts, planning and goals. However, the modern world also has many wonderful benefits, such as incredible technology, amazing infrastructure, prolific creativity, technical specialization, diverse personal and religious expression, etc.

It’s been a very interesting week, after we held our first private Mama Aya ceremony in Tarapoto. Life is always some what new, re-born, and forever changed after every medicine ceremony. Even after thousands of different medicines ceremonies, we continue to grow, heal and learn. It’s truly beautiful – infinite growth, learning and teachings…

Just integrating the teachings and lessons into every day life – for me that’s where the real juiciness lies! 😉 As I normally say, it’s “where the rubber meets the road”. It’s a metaphor – where the blessings & teachings get tested in the sharp reality and messiness of daily life, work and relationships.

Just remembering again my personal 4 Main Passions in life:

(1) Great love with Beloved Ananda – our loving union is from where we Co-create everything
(2) Plant Medicines, Healing & Transformation
(3) Delicious, Nutritious & Healthy Foods
(4) Travel & Adventure

Since we re-located to Peru 3 years ago, Ananda & I been more focused on completing our residency process, and building our home and businesses. There are times, where I spend a lot energy dealing with our lawyers, accountant, immigration, management, teams, suppliers, etc. Whilst Ananda deals with web design, photo editing, IT, marketing, etc. We’re both totally capable and adept at managing these areas very well, but they’re not our deepest passions.

Recently, I’ve spent several evenings, passionately talking and teaching about Sacred plant medicines and nutritious Foods. My entire heart and soul lit-up like a brilliant Star!! Remembering again my true passions! Felt that the whole local block was covered in beautiful, shimmering and luminous energy from it…

Just a remembrance to focus our energies more on our true passions and gifts again! 🙂

During my late teens and early 20’s, I had absolutely no idea what were my passions or direction in life, and had no guidance. After being inspired by an amazing Economics teacher at college, then studied Development Economics, and ended-up working at various Financial institutions in London.

I was very miserable at my first job, and always continued to wonder what I was doing there – mostly felt like I was fish out of water. Constantly juxtaposed with the predominant extreme capitalism & aggressive unbalanced macho values, which were not aligned with my personal core beliefs.

I had no other idea or strategy, so continued down that path. However, I learned many amazing skills there, which I use on daily basis, such as managing immense amounts of stress and pressure whilst remaining level headed, multi-tasking, technical skills, time management, dealing with aggressive and unreasonable people, taking personal responsibility and being accountable, etc. So, it shows that nothing in life is wasted! 🙂

During mid 20’s crisis after relationship break-down with self-destructive and toxic lifestyle, I realized it with time to make some serious changes. So, I ended many toxic behaviors and friendships, then started 2 years part-time Spiritual energy healing course, which I fell in love with. I constantly repeated this new mantra to myself “Follow my Bliss”…

Also, I had the resources to undertake many esoteric weekend workshops and courses, so began to explore many new realms, dimensions and realities. Also, I traveled extensively around the world exploring new cultures, cuisines and paradigms.

Anyhow, I followed that sense of inner aliveness where ever it led me…

Eventually, I discovered that holding medicine ceremonies, healing work, and transformational retreats became one of my Greatest passions.

It allowed my heart and soul to shine the brightest in alignment with my Soul’s purpose for this lifetime! 🙂

So, let’s all keep following that aliveness within ourselves wherever it may lead us – on our Sacred Path closer to the Divinity within…?

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