The Magic and Joy of Thanksgiving! Plus, New Double Kuripes and Tepis…

For those in USA & Canada, we hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving day?

This year, we decided to host Thanksgiving party with dinner and dancing – to give great gratitude to our Amazing & devoted Team – Ananda, myself, Alejandra, Midelma, Nancy, plus the local wonderful Peruvian Andean community! 🙂

It was pretty epic, as Nina + 3 assistants cooked for over 20 people including their children and families….phew!

Initially, it felt very overwhelming to cook for so many people, but we managed to prepare everything with military precision, immense love, and excellent teamwork within 3 hours – wow! 🙂

It was truly an epic night, as the local indigenous Community were so deeply touched by our loving invitation.

As the evening passed, it was incredible to witness the love grow in everyone’s hearts and bellies, filled with joy, and sharing kindness, and everyone’s spirits elevated after so much delicious food, laughter and Andean dancing…

I’m giving deep gratitude to Ananda for teaching me about the beauty, kindness, and loving generosity of Thanksgiving day! It was new to me, as I’m from England.

Our hearts are full of joy, and brimming with community love and sharing…

Reminds me of Christmas 2011, where I lived for few months in Sacred lands of Mexican Cactus in beloved Wirikuta-Mexico. Where I was Mama Santa to whole local community, who all received lovely gifts, Piñata, joy and abundance in their hearts! 🙂

Warm hugs & magic,

PS. I’ve attached some lovely photos below for you…

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