Is it possible to get addicted to Rapé?

In our very experienced opinion, it’s highly unlikely to get addicted to Rapé, IF ONLY ever using them within sacred ceremony using clear intention for the purpose of healing, cleansing, teachings or profound enquiry. If you maintain a healthy relationship with these powerful plant spirits and master teachers.

People can potentially become addicted to literally anything – shopping, internet, power, fame, sex, exercise, work, food, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, television, etc.

However, people are not addicted to a drug, medicine, activity, or thing, but to the pleasurable or numbing sensations and feelings it gives them. Also, momentary relief from their psychological, emotional, or spiritual suffering and pain.

We have the deepest compassion for people who are suffering and in pain, so that’s why we lovingly provide people with these sacred medicines, teachings and tools – to help heal and transform themselves in an empowered way.

We are not addiction experts or addiction counselors, so if you feel like you’re suffering from any serious addiction, then please seek specialist help in your local area.

Apparently, many people have implied that Iboga is potentially a very powerful medicine for helping to cure serious addictions.

Also, we’d recommend the work & books of Dr Gabor Maté, Canadian MD, who specializes in Addiction.

In Tarapoto, Peru there’s a retreat center called Takiwasi, which specializes in Addiction with Ayahuasca ceremonies, Plant Diets, and psychotherapy.

Please try to create a sacred space in your home for your personal Rapé ceremonies with candle, lamp, altar, or your meditation space. And, always state your intention, respect and gratitude, before applying these medicines.

Also, please always use them with great respect, prayer and deep gratitude because they are very powerful, and sacred medicines, and powerful plant spirits. They are not recreational drugs, or toys to be played with casually.

They are powerful master plant teachers and alive consciousness with whom you can heal and learn from, as well as dialogue. So, if you disrespect and abuse them, then it’s possible to have challenging and negative consequences.

Please ask the medicines themselves, if you’re using the correct amount and how often, depending upon your personal circumstances, healing needs, and specialized work you’re doing. We generally suggest twice daily – once in the morning, and once in the evening, and then see how it goes for your personally as an individual.

These sacred medicines will guide you to what’s best for you personally, and this may dramatically change over time.

In the past, Nina & Ananda have personally worked with Rapé up to 16 times per 1 day, or once per 1 day, and other times only once per month, so it can vary greatly depending upon many circumstances. Always within sacred ceremonial space with proper intention.

Nina previously grew up in London in the UK clubbing scene, and took many recreational drugs in her early 20’s, as a way to escape her reality, pain, suffering, and family issues.

However, also inadvertently exploring the realms of consciousness, alternate dimensions, past lives, shamanistic journeying, and shape-shifting.

Whilst also working in a highly pressurized soul-less corporate job, she was burning the candle at both ends. In order to distract and exhaust herself on every level, as to avoid contemplating her suffering and traumas.

However, during her mid-20’s, she realized that her excessive hedonism, toxic lifestyle and escapism were not the answer. It was a very self-destructive, toxic and drug-infused path with serious health, financial, life implications & negative repercussions.

Ironically, her only 3 addictions were to legal highs – cigarettes, coffee (used to spend $400 per month), and buying shoes (yes, she used to own over 200 pairs of shoes, lol).

Free of all addictions for many years now, she was cured of her cigarette addiction by 1 extremely powerful & very challenging ceremony with pure jungle tobacco drinking ceremony – guided by her partner Ananda. It miraculously healed her abusive and misguided relationship with Master plant teacher & protector – Tobacco immediately.

Cigarettes contains thousands of toxic chemicals, and made with impure intentions, which are mass produced by multi-national corporations.

However, jungle tobacco is pure unadulterated plant power. Sacred Tobacco has been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes for sacred prayer, deep energetic cleansing, connection to Spirit, opening the heart, speaking your truth, grounding, opening up visions, and protection in the Spirit realm.

So, she embarked on a powerful path of facing her traumas and pain. Initially, working with spiritual & energetic healing, Reiki, powerful Buddhist practices, and Silent meditation retreats.

Ironically, she was briefly a ‘Workshop Junkie’ – addicted to workshops, seminars, self-improvement, and the relentless energy of the Spiritual Seeker. Later, followed by powerful plant initiations from 29 years old onwards – intensive teachings-training, and extensive deep work with numerous master plant teachers.

After many years of holding many sacred medicine ceremonies for thousands of people, she has seen the clear difference with healing “medicine” and recreational “drugs”.

Medicines call you to face and look into the depths of your pain, suffering, problems and traumas, or enquiring into the nature of reality, or profound teachings. Whereas recreational drugs can be a way to escape, and run away from your issues and pain. These different intentions are in 2 diametrically opposite directions.

As always, your Intention and sacred ceremonial space is everything. So, if you’re using a medicine to just get ‘high’ casually at a party or hanging out, then it’s just another form of escapism.

People are not addicted to a drug, medicine, activity, or thing, but to the feeling it gives them, and also momentary relief from their suffering and pain.

It’s your choice and your life, but we always advocate and encourage to work with them in sacred ceremony with wisdom, love, gratitude & respect!

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