Is it normal to experience vomiting, spitting and bowel movements during/after rapé session?

Yes, it’s very common – most rapés have a very deeply cleansing effect on the body, energetic field, emotions, mental stress, confusion and spiritual alignment. So therefore, you may experience deep purging and releasing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Also, it can be a deep release of long held sickness in the body, psyche, emotional field, and ‘soul loss’.

Please allow your physical and energetic bodies to release, re-align and re-configure. You will need a bucket, toilet tissue, drinking water and toilet nearby.

Also, if it’s been a very strong session, then you may need to lie down and rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour after the rapé session to allow time for integration and deep re-alignment.

If you feel dizzy or ungrounded afterwards, then please drink natural fruit juice or herbal tea with honey (ideally mint or chamomile – no caffeine), and rest. The natural sugars will help to ground you, and the liquid will re-hydrate you, and slowly bring you back into ‘normal’ reality.

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