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A Really great company with their hearts (and brains) in the right place!

I ordered two different types of snuff from shamanicsnuff.com, and after having tried all 3 of them (they sent me one 'Ash' for free also) I can tell you I am super happy with this website's product and with this company's people. The two types of snuff; Tornado and Visionary was as described on the website, and I enjoy them very much!

The service was great and the people where helpful and kind, and when I had a payment issue (I messed up when i ordered and placed two of the same order) they fixed that by fast respond time on email.
I also got some handmade incense and that was no less than amazing. I can't stress how good these things are.. for real. And they care about the rain-forest, in a time when that is very much needed.

All in all a really great company with their hearts (and brains) in the right place!

And a great big t-shirt, that I liked so much that I will be sleeping in it (I'm a slim dude and its size 'L' but the T-shirt really IS nice )

The pipe I got was also of great quality and very well made, and it was a good fit for my mouth/nose.

I will for sure be coming back.

Benjamin C, Karise – Denmark


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