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Everything seems to have been done with the most positive and loving intention.

After reading up on all the positive reviews I ordered 6 different rapé from Shamanic Snuff. The package arrived only 11 days after my payment was received. I was very happy to see that I got 2 free rapé testers. Which to me seem 5 grams each! I also received some lovely copal incense sticks, I now use them in my rapé ritual.

Everything felt as it should be. The evening before the package arrived ,I got fixated on the name 'Shawadawa'. I could not get it out of my head, although I did not order the Shawadawa rapé, I seem to have been drawn to it. And guess what? It was one of the free rapé included. This just felt right. Like synchronicity!

A couple of weeks have passed since then and I tried all 8 of the received rapé. I am very impressed with the strength and quality. But more so about their different nature or effect. They all have a distinct energies, they are definitely very different. And I truly believe that the intent and energies the tribes imparted into their rapé has very positive effects on the experience. It gives it an extra dimension to tap into.

I am very grateful towards the tribes and the shamanic snuff team. Everything seems to have been done with the most positive and loving intention. I have much respect for this.

I will review the different rapé I received when I get more acquainted with each of them. For now I feel best with Nukini, it gives me a very positive and connected vibe. Shawadawa for me was the most purging one. It is the first rape which almost made me vomit. A very powerful rapé. It left me with an inner silence and focus. I felt a masculinity in myself which I had not felt before, even though I am a man.

I'm looking forward to discover more from Shamanic Snuff.

Much respect and love from Belgium!

Ruben F, Genk – Belgium


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