Mapacho Tsunu

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MP = Mapacho Tsunu  ~ Lovingly, powerfully and uniquely made by the Shamanic Snuff Team in Peru.

Simply Mapacho (Nicotiana Rustica) & Tsunu (Platycyamus Regnellii) Rapé made from pure jungle Mapacho tobacco from the Peruvian Amazon jungle near Iquitos mixed with sacred Tsunu tree ashes from Brazil.

Gentle rapé – wonderful for grounding, energetic cleansing, connection, and developing a deeper relationship to the master plant teacher – Mapacho. Whilst also receiving the medicinal benefits of the sacred tree Tsunu.

Also, great used as an ad-mixture rapé to add to other types, in order to receive more grounding, cleansing and connection to Spirit.

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05g – Small, 10g – Medium, 20g – Large, 40g – XLarge

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