Why are rapés normally blown into the nostrils? Can rapé be smoked?

We assume that they can be smoked, but we do not recommend it. As these sacred rapés are specifically designed to be insufflated – blown through the nose.

Nasal insufflation is commonly used for many psychoactive medicines because it causes a much faster onset than orally, and bio-availability is usually, but not always, higher than orally. This bio-availability occurs due to the quick absorption of molecules into the bloodstream through the soft tissue in the mucous membrane of the sinus cavity and portal circulation bypass.

Additionally, using the sacred power of the breath also allows the power of your intention and breath to be carrier of your power, prayers, intentions, love, compassion, spirits, etc. The Peruvian shamanic tradition emphasizes the power of the breath through the use of “Sopla” – to blow with intention and power for healing, cleansing, and passing on sacred knowledge and spirits.

Furthermore, the act of blowing in vertical motion through the nostrils clears out the third eye chakra, and clears any mental confusion, so it’s very powerful.

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