When should I use rapé during Ayahuasca or other medicine ceremonies?

Traditionally during many indigenous Brazilian ceremonies with the Yawanawa, Kaxinawa-Huni Kuin and Katukina, they normally use rapé during Ayahuasca (aka. Uni or Nixi pae) ceremonies.

In our experience, there are several instances – as to why you may like to use rapé during Ayahuasca or other sacred medicines ceremonies:

(1) Several hours before ceremony – to cleanse, purge, release, clear, and re-align your energies in preparation for ceremony. Thus, this will enable Ayahuasca/other medicine to go much deeper with less physical and energetic cleansing or purging required. So, you can focus more on the teachings, and less on purging and vomiting.

(2) If you’re feeling very nauseous for prolonged period of time during ceremony, and the energy is very blocked and stuck for a long time. So, rapé can miraculously assist to move the energy very quickly within seconds/minutes, so you can either release, vomit or go to the bathroom quickly.

(3) If you need bit more medicine, but not quite ready for another full cup of medicine, and you need a small top-up. Rapé can make other medicines stronger and opens it up, so a good dose of rapé can intensify whatever medicine you’re working with.

(4) If you feel the desire to go much deeper and explore further with the medicine you’re already working with.

(5) To cleanse and release after ceremony, if you picked up any negative or heavy energies/entities during ceremony.

We have worked extensively with many Rapés during many different medicine ceremonies – Ayahuasca, San Pedro/Huachuma, Peyote/Hikuri, Tobacco drinking, Mushrooms, Kambo/Sapo, Iboga, Coca, etc. You will notice that different Rapés will work better with different medicines, as they are more of a similar vibrational frequency.

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