Are there different types of blowing techniques for ‘passing’ rapé?

Yes, there are many different types of animals, birds, snakes, fishes, insect, and elemental spirits that can be can be called upon to ‘pass’ or blow rapé. Each type of blow has a very powerful spirit ally connected which is transmitted with that specific blow, and they have many different purposes – for deep cleansing or purging, healing, re-alignment, divine connection, profound teachings, etc.

However, many of them are very advanced blows that take time to connect with, to master, and to be initiated by the medicine, or by rapé shaman.

The basic blowing technique is called the “Deer” blow. When blowing, remember to take deep breath in, then blow long, then at end of breath hard (pushes medicine further up into your nostrils), and also close your throat at the same time.

When inhaling to then blow, you take-in a breath very deep into your lower stomach area from the source of your power, or “hara” as known in martial arts, and exhale-blow from here with your sacred intention, power, prayers and love. In the Peruvian Shamanic tradition, the use of “Sopla” – to blow and use the sacred breath with power, intention, for cleansing, and passing on spirits is very powerful.

Blowing the second nostril to yourself may be a bit more challenging, but try to do it as quickly as possible to balance out the energies on both sides.

After blowing both nostrils – breathing is very important, so remember to take slow inhales and exhales through your mouth or nose through out, and then deeply surrender…

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