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Where you can buy online many different types of Rapés, Sacred snuffs, Applicator Pipes, Kambo, Huachuma, Ambil and Incense Sticks with fast tracked premium shipping worldwide. We use very discrete packaging.

We only accept payments in GBP £ (British Pound Sterling) currency.

Also, we accept 3 types of Payment Options:
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Hello! 🙂

Welcome to our beautiful website, which we created with deep love, devotion and service to these sacred and profound snuff medicines – Rapés, plus Kambo, Huachuma and Sacred medicines.

Our website has been live since November 2013, and we’ve been serving clients worldwide ever since. We are truly pioneers in providing the rarest, highest quality and widest selection of snuffs to everyone online.

We are truly blessed to be able to provide you the very best and highest quality rapés from South America – primarily from Brazil and Peru. Some of which are fair traded in loving relationships with various indigenous tribes – Yawanawa, Nukini, Kaxinawa-Huni Kuin, Kuntanawa, Apurina, Katukina and Matses, who we deeply honor, respect and support.

Also, we at Shamanic Snuff create our own unique and very powerful blends of rapés, as divinely guided by these sacred medicines and beautiful plant spirits. They are all the ones with English names, and not tribal ones. The vast selection of different types of rapés that we are providing is truly amazing!

Many of these rapés are very rare, precious and extremely difficult to source from remote parts of the Amazon jungle. Furthermore, they are made in a very sacred and extremely labor intensive process with prayers – some can take several weeks or many months to produce.

We are extremely passionate about these sacred rapés. It is with our sincerest desire that you really enjoy, cleanse, heal and learn with these sacred and profound products that we are providing.

Both of the 2 Co-Founders of ShamanicSnuff.com are Curanderos, Shamans, Ceremony Leaders, Healers, Entrepreneurs, and Medicine people with extensive knowledge and relationships with many plant medicines and spirits. They have both trained in Shamanic healing, Spiritual healing, Reiki, and other transformational healing modalities.

We are also connoisseurs of Rapé, and we deeply appreciate super high quality vibrational medicines, which we value greatly.

We have worked extensively with many different Master Plant Teachers & medicines – Ayahuasca, San Pedro-Huachuma, Peyote-Hikuri, Mushrooms, Tobacco, Rapé, Sananga eye drops, Kambo-Sapo, Iboga, Yopo, Wilka, Coca, Bufo, plus numerous Amazonian dieta plants and trees. So, we can share our deep knowledge, relationships, information and love worldwide!

We definitely put an immense amount of love, total devotion, beautiful prayers, and deep respect in our sacred work, so we hope that our distinguished clients are able to detect the superior quality of our sacred medicines!

We are now very grateful to give everyone easy access worldwide to these very rare and profound shamanic snuffs.

It is our wish that they will enlighten, teach, cleanse, and brings you as much healing, transformations, profound teachings and joy, as they have for us…

Many blessings & love,

Shamanic Snuff Team

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