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BG = Brazilian Gold ~ Parica – Yopo

1 gram Brazilian Gold = GBP £38 = approx. 1-2 doses. (Gentle dose: 1/2gr, or Strong dose: 1gr)

Brazilian Gold is very sacred and beautiful Visionary snuff ~ super special blend of Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina).

It is similar to an Ayahuasca ceremony in approx. 1 hour. So, it should be treated with extreme respect, love and care.

Yopo is also commonly known as Parica in Brazil, and Cohoba in the Caribbean.

Brazilian Gold is lovingly, uniquely, and powerfully handmade with sacred prayers by some beautiful friends in Brazil. It is an extremely labor intensive & time consuming process.

Made from toasted Brazilian Yopo seeds, which are activated with sacred sea shell ashes.

Yopo or Parica is very closely related to Wilka (Anadenanthera colubrina).
Also, it’s commonly known under many other names, such as Parica, Cohoba, Jopo, Acuja, Iopo, Niopo, etc.

Anadenanthera peregrina is generally found in Brazil, Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela, and some Caribbean islands.

Yopo is considered to be the sacred ‘Grandfather’ spirit, who is very ancient, powerful, loving, masculine, and wise.

These seeds contain tryptamines, primarily N,N-DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and Bufotenine (5-OH-DMT).

This is NOT a recreational party ‘drug’. It’s a very powerful & sacred medicine for healing, cleansing, teachings, profound visions, and insights.

* Warning – we do not recommend anyone using this medicine or any other medicine if you have a pre-existing history of mental illness, or are taking any strong prescription medication. Please consult your natural health care provider if you have any questions.

  • 1 gentle dose is approx. 1/2 gram. Or, for strong dose 1 gram.
  • Designed for nasal insufflation – it is commonly used for many psychoactive medicines because it causes a much faster onset than orally, and bio-availability is usually, but not always, higher than orally.
  • This bio-availability occurs due to the quick absorption of molecules into the bloodstream through the soft tissue in the mucous membrane of the sinus cavity and portal circulation bypass.

As far as we’re currently aware Wilka-Yopo is illegal in these countries:  Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Lithuania, and Switzerland.

So, if you decide to make an order and ship to the above countries, or any other countries other than Peru, and it gets confiscated by Customs, then we are NOT liable for any claims.

It’s your responsibility to be aware of current legality issues to your shipping country. These medicines are fully legal in Peru, where we ship from. If you’re unsure, then please DO NOT order.

Please note that this sacred medicine is very powerful and potentially dangerous and toxic, if not used in the correct setting and context with appropriate preparation, and guided by an experienced person applying the medicine.

NB. Any statements and website links contained therein have not been evaluated by the FDA and International Food and Drug authorities, they are in no way implying medical claims regarding the ability or efficacy of any of our products to treat, prevent or mitigate any disease or condition. The use and application of our products is solely at the customer’s responsibility.

  • This product is NOT sold for human consumption. It is only being sold for research, botanical and educational purposes only. If you purchase this item, you agree to not ingest it and accept all legal responsibility if you do.


Archaeological evidence shows Anadenanthera beans have been used as hallucinogens for thousands of years. The oldest clear evidence of use comes from smoking pipes made of puma bone (Felis Concolor) found with Anadenanthera beans at Inca Cueva, a site in the northwest of Humahuaca in the Puna border of Jujuy Province, Argentina.

The pipes were found to contain the hallucinogen DMT, one of the compounds found in Anadenanthera beans. Radiocarbon testing of the material gave a date of 2130 BC, suggesting Anadenanthera use as a hallucinogen is over 4,000 years old. [1]

In the early sixteenth century, Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo y Valdes was the first to note that powder was obtained from the seeds of a tree belonging to the legum family (Torres 1988). The island of Cuba was apparently named after Cohoba. [2]

Some indigenous peoples of the Orinoco basin in Colombia, Venezuela and possibly in the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon make use of yopo snuff for spiritual healing. Yopo snuff was also widely used in ceremonial contexts in the Caribbean area, including Cuba and La Española, up to the Spanish Conquest.

The Taino made great use of this powder during their healing rituals and tribal celebrations. [3]  Also, commonly used by the Yanomami/Waika, and Piaroa indigenous tribes of Venezuela/Brazil.

Among the Yanomani/Waika tribes, it is more commonly employed by payés (shamans) to induce trances and visions and communicate with the Hekula spirits; to prophesy or divine; to protect the tribe against epidemics of sickness; to make hunters and even their dogs more alert. [4]

1. M. L. Pochettino, A. R. Cortella, M. Ruiz. 1999
2. Christian Ratsch “The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants” p. 54
3. Rouse 1992; Torres 1988
4. Richard Evan Schultes, Albert Hofmann & Christian Ratsch “Plants of the Gods – their sacred, healing and hallucinogenic powers” – Seeds of Civilization p. 118

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  1. Nina Hoang

    15/9/16 – It was time to try our beautiful new Yopo called “Brazilian Gold” (BG), which was lovingly made by friends in Brazil.

    It was 7pm in the evening, and I was beginning to feel hungry, so feeling like dinner was a better option!? lol 😉 Perhaps, there was some personal inner resistance to trying new un-tested medicine, which would potentially be crazy powerful medicine?

    Also, I was feeling slightly reluctant, as I was feeling pretty rough – energetically imbalanced, mild fever and chills, lower back pain, and knee joint pain.

    If funny, even after thousands different plant medicines ceremonies, I still occasionally forget – it’s always time to take medicine, especially when you’re feeling sick or unwell on any level! 🙂 If you’re holding your own ceremony – this is assuming you already have a strong connection and relationship with that specific medicine, where – it’s not your first time, or the relationship is still very young.

    So, I passed Ananda 1/2 gram of BG with a strong Hummingbird blow using V-tepi, and then he passed me back… Immediately, we went to lie down with a magical sacred music playlist playing in the background.

    The usual intense burning sensations started in my nostrils, but passed after a few minutes, then my body felt very tingly, and heavy.

    Later, a deep warmth passed through my whole body, and after about 10 minutes, I started seeing very gentle visuals which were gray-ish in color. Not intense visuals, but mild wave-like patterns. I surrendered to the sensations, and rested in the deep undulating wave. It lasted about 40 minutes.

    When I slowly started coming back to normal consciousness…

    I felt this beautiful loving warmth spread through my whole body, felt deeply re-aligned, emotionally & energetically centered, sharp mental clarity, warmth in my heart, deep peace, still tranquility, and sweet serenity.
    It felt like I’d been lovingly caressed by the hand of God.

    WOW – such incredible beautiful & loving medicina!! <3

    Such amazing gratitude for the deep and profound healing on my mind, body and spirit! And, super fast too!! That's how we like it...

    For Ananda, his ceremony was very gentle, but he's a big guy, and generally works with super crazy strong medicines, so it'll be 1 gram for him next time! 😉

    Much love to Ananda, sacred Yopocito, sea shells, and beloved friends for making it! 😉

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